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Here is the all-purpose cleaner that you have long been searching for. The CITRUS Pre-Wash has been formulated to clean everything inside and outside of your car with ease. Whether it is traffic grime, bugs and insects, road dust, winter salt and grime or stubborn bird droppings, this formula will take it on. Use the right dilution and it will work like magic to effortlessly clean the build up on your car’s paintwork, glass and even the interiors. Its pleasant citrus fragrance will linger after the cleaning leaving the vehicle smelling great.

Highly Concentrated Formula

The formula comes as a highly concentrated cleaner that can be used as it is for stripping old wax and protection of the paint work. For cleaning only, it needs to be diluted:

  • 1:1 formula is ideal for heavy dirt and degreasing
  • 4:1 dilution is perfect for moderately dirty vehicles
  • 8:1 dilution is only for light cleaning. This formula can be used in a Foam Lance for application.


  • Highly concentrated formula
  • The strongest acting formula compared to similar products on the market
  • Easily tackles even the most difficult of spots, grease, dirt and grime
  • Can be diluted to varying strengths to tackles different tasks.
  • Can be used on paintwork, plastic, rubber and glass safely
  • Fresh citrus fragrance



Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes.  May cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Wear protective gloves/ protective  clothing / eye protection/ face protection. If swallowed : Rinse mouth.  If in Eyes Rinse cautiously  with water for several  minutes remove contact lenses if present, Seek medical advice if you feel unwell

MSDS data available at request. Dispose of container in accordance with national regulations