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SWEET AIR Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator by Golden Bird Detail

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Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator

All the effort and time you put in keeping your car sparkly clean and shiny can be completely worthless if your car’s interiors smell. There is nothing more unhealthy and unpleasant than riding in a smelly car. Food, dirt, dust, plastics and other materials used in the interior of your car can give off odours that can linger inside the car and cause it to smell funny.

Bring Sweet Air In

Now get rid of the smell and smile every time you enter the car with the Sweet Air car freshener. It is not just a car perfume that masks the smell, it is a freshener that will actually get rid of the odour and make your car smell divine!

Fresh Fruity Sweet Air

Sweet Air is a liquid air freshener with a fresh fruity jelly bean fragrance. It is a highly concentrated formula that can be diluted with water to make it last longer and gives you more Sweet Air than any other comparable product on the market. It comes with its own easy spray so all you need to do it just spritz it into the vehicle to replace the stale smelly air with fresh Jelly Bean fragrant air. 


  • Highly Concentrated formula that can be diluted with water for economy
  • Liquid spray with easy sprayer
  • Fresh fruity jelly bean fragrance