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Wheel Clean / Wheel Cleaner

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Wheel Clean


Want your wheels and tyres looking squeaky clean with out too much effort?  Wheel Clean will come to your rescue. Our acid-free highly concentrated wheel cleaner will attack the dirt, grime and brake dust while being gentle on your wheels’ coating or lacquer. Spray it on to the wheels leave it for a few minutes and wash it off to get your wheels looking great without any effort.

For stubborn dirt agitate with brush if necessary


Highly Concentrated Formula

This heavy-duty formula is highly concentrated to tackle even the dirtiest of all wheels. Dilute it to a 1:3 concentrate for heavy dirt and grime. For lighter cleaning a 1:10 dilution is ideal. The highly concentrated formula will go a long way and clean more wheels than any other comparable wheel cleaner. What’s more? this formula can also be safely used on tyres to get them looking just as clean as the wheels. Combine it with Fallout to get the best results.


  • Acid Free
  • Can be used on all kinds of wheels and tyres.


  • Do not use it in direct sunlight
  • Do not allow it to dry on the surface
  • Avoid contact with skin and body
  • Wear protective clothing while using it.
  • Do not ingest. Seek medical help if ingestion occurs
  • In case of accidental contact with skin, rinse well with water for several minutes.


Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes.  May cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Wear protective gloves/ protective  clothing / eye protection/ face protection. If swallowed : Rinse mouth.  If in Eyes Rinse cautiously  with water for several  minutes remove contact lenses if present, Seek medical advice if you feel unwell

MSDS data available at request. Dispose of container in accordance with national regulations